Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Rainy, Spooky Day

So I'm home alone on a rainy, dark day listening to my iTunes while writing but I keep hearing voices coming from the living room. I turn the music down, and all is quiet. I turn it back up and a few second later I hear voices again. It isn't the cats meowing at each other, but nobody is here. It's almost like when you're drying your hair and you hear a phone ring, but when you turn off the dryer, it isn't ringing. Are these voices just "chatter" or am I hearing something from beyond? Now I've done it, I've spooked myself. Let's change the subject, that may help.

I'm nearly finished with my story "Death From Above" and I'm thinking of submitting it to Cafe Doom's big contest. I'm just hoping that my dark comedy is dark enough for the judges. Only one way to find out...

Yeah, still hearing them. This might just make its way into a story I thought of last night. Or not.

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