Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Tired, Rambly Post

So I awoke at 1:00 this morning choking on stomach acid from my GERD. Not a pleasant thing to wake up to and then I was afraid it would happen again so I didn't really get back to sleep. (even with a couple pillows propping me up) I just love days like this.

I'm sitting at 2900 words for my super villain story and I'm hoping I won't have to cut anything. We'll see how it ends, I guess.

I think I made the best 'Champ' I've ever made last night. How can you go wrong with heavy cream and butter though, really? I even have some for lunch even though the diet doesn't allow white potatoes or heavy cream or that much butter, I'm working out for 45 minutes today and all my other food is healthy to the extreme. I'll be extra good this weekend. :)

As scared as I was to do it, I sent a query email to a publisher because they've had a submission from me for a while and I haven't heard from them if it is held, accepted, or rejected. I hate bothering editors...they scare me.

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