Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Countdown to the Big Shock

Well, 2 more days until my EMG and I'm just a wee bit apprehensive. I don't like having needles jabbed into my skin unless it is worthwhile, like getting a tattoo. Anywho, at least I get a 2 day work week out of the deal.

I'm working on my final edits before I send my story "Being Neighborly" off to the publisher. I think after so many submissions, I'm getting used to the sick worry feeling. Either that or the Tramadol is easing more than just my pain...

I went on a fantastic canoe trip yesterday and there is one part of the river where these huge ancient trees expose their twisted and gnarled network of roots and you can almost imagine some horrific monster lurking inside, watching you as you float by...I got lots of ideas from this trip. Hopefully I can make them into something that is readable and enjoyable as well...cross your fingers!

Speaking of a full day in the sun...I highly endorse Neutrogena Spectrum Advanced SPF 100+ sunblock. I was out from 9:00am to about 2:30pm and did not burn at all. The sunblock isn't greasy and absorbs very well and smells nice. I've still got slight hives from being out in the sun, but at least I didn't burn to a crisp and the hives aren't as bad as they normally are. Hooray for pale people being able to enjoy the sun!!!!

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