Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Summer Reading List

I've got a huge stack of books and keep buying more. As soon as I finish them I'll be posting reviews on Amazon. Good times!!

Faith and the Undead by Benjamin Rogers (and I'm in the fan club too!)
Dead the Ugly Beginning by T.W. Brown
Bigfoot War by Eric S. Brown
The Blooming by Tonia Brown
(there's an awful lot of authors out there that have the same last name...what's the deal with that?)
Empire by Dave Dunwoody

I still have to finish World War Z by Max Brooks (I love this book, by the way, and it has taken me longer to finish it than I care to admit...there's just so much to do that it gets pushed to the side)

Hopefully soon I'll have my contributor's copy of Through the Eyes of the Undead to add to the pile. And then there's about 10 other books about forensic anthropology, osteology, and history that are collecting dust.

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