Monday, January 25, 2010

Cats, Mud, Exhaustion

Helped my Daddy-O on the farm this weekend and I'm wiped out and sore. The feral farm cats were watching us with suspicious eyes and one (a big alpha male) must have taken a shine to my sister and followed her everywhere yowling at her. Nothing like slogging through the mud on cold winter days to make you happy to have an office job.

Here's a tip I learned this weekend: never set a plastic Shop Vac too close to a torpedo heater because it WILL melt. And if it does start to melt, don't grab it without wearing gloves. My poor thumb!!!

Today I get to stay inside where it is warm and mud-free and revise my 4th of July story and once it is at its best I'll send it in.

I think a Cherry Coke is calling my name...

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