Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Spinning Plates

I remember watching some TV show when I was a kid of some guy spinning a bunch of white plates on poles. He'd get one started and hurry to the next, then another, and back to the ones that were slowing and on and on. That's kind of what I've been doing lately but with projects. Right now I have at least seven going in addition to writing and working a full time job. Eesh. I took this picture of everything to keep myself honest.

Most of my focus has been on my Edgar Allan Poe piece, "Telltale Heart for Nevermore." I had one extra heart pan and decided to rust it up and see what inspired me.

After going through my Other People's Photos, I stopped at a photo of group of girls. They just look bad ass and I immediately thought, "Squad Goals." Weird how the mind works. Anyway, I dry brushed on some white gesso and when it dried, I created a very green wash of paint to give it a verdigris look. I added

Tim Holtz® Distress Stain in Walnut to the edges and dabbed some on the photo to give it a more aged look. I put clear gesso over it because it had too much shine. I need to tone down the green with either a brown wash or the Distress Stain. I'll add the heart to a rusty iron rest similar to "American Blue Bloods" and add some rusty embellishments.

For the Poe piece, I also added some white gesso and put a bloody red wash over that. I put the green wash over the previously-gessoed frame and glued the photo of Poe to it. Once it dried, I glued the framed photo to the heart. I added the red-dyed roses as a nod to the mysterious person that would leave three roses and a bottle of cognac at his grave on his birthday. I ended up dabbing on some of that Distress Stain so it didn't look like Christmas Poe, although I think Christmas Poe is a lovely thought. Next step for this piece is to find a raven or perhaps a black cat for the top.
I also created a nice bloody wash for my "By the Light of the Moon" piece. I think I just need to attach the werewolf and add the bullets and this piece will be complete. 
I'm hoping to finish these three up so I can clear up space in the office/craft room. What are you working on? Is your work area a disaster zone too?

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