Monday, August 22, 2016

Maker's Monday: Creepy Cameo

Today's Maker's Monday post is probably one of the easiest thus far. I've been in my head for almost a week and kinda forgot about posting today. Oops! So, at 9 p.m. last night I was racking my brain for a quick and easy project. I present to you: Creepy Cameo.

You've probably guessed I'm already in Halloween mode at my house. I actually went to one of my favorite stores and bought three huge orange and black crepe pinwheels and a few reproduced vintage decorations and put them up. This cameo is sure to keep me in the spirit and goes well with the orange shirt I'm wearing. 

1 Tim Holtz Crypt Cameo
1 Tim Holtz Jump Ring in Nickel
Satin Cord (cut to your desired necklace length)

Jeweler's pliers (one or two pairs, depending on your preference)


1. Cut the satin cord to your desired necklace length. I've been wearing longer necklaces lately so I opted for about 29 inches.

2.  Open your jump ring by clasping it in the pliers with one hand and holding it firmly between your thumb and index finger of your other hand (or another pair of pliers). Gently twist the pliers away from you and the jump ring should open. Add it to the ring of the cameo.These are a "harder" jump ring so I used two pairs of pliers to open and close them so I didn't ruin my fingernails.

3.  Close the jump ring, using the opposite twisting motion and make sure it is completely closed. 

4.  Slide an end of the cord through the jump ring. 

5.  Line up the ends of your cord.

6.  Tie a knot. 

I love these cameos and will be making a bunch of these simple necklaces for my upcoming Haunted Open House. 

What Halloween treats do these Crypt Cameos inspire you to create?

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