Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday: His and Hers Part III

This summer is flying by and on this WIP Wednesday, I'm trying to catch up. I've made a little progress on "His and Hers" since last time and have added another art supply to my every-growing collection: clear gesso.

The Kroma Crackle dried and I love how it looks. It really bleached out the wood! The Sophisticated Finishes rusted up the new metal embellishments too. There were a couple spots where the iron paint didn't stick, but rather than reapply, I figured I was going to dry brush over it anyway, so I left it alone.

Love that texture!

To make sure I didn't lose any of the lovely crackle due to peeling, I bought some Liquitex Clear Gesso to seal the crackle. Next step is to add one more layer of the clear gesso and then add crackle topped with gesso to the other sides.

I grabbed my regular gesso and dry brushed it over the rusted embellishments

Highlights ready for a wash of paint

Once everything was dry, I assembled the start of another project. This one is "Telltale Heart for Nevermore" and I think it'll speak for itself.

"... that years of love have been forgot in the hatred of a minute ..."

What are you working on?

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