Monday, August 8, 2016

Maker's Monday: Butterfly Necklace

Some might say I'm becoming obsessed with the Vintaj line. All of their findings and charms just work so well together, I just can't help myself! This week is no exception. I present to you, a charming Butterfly Necklace.

1 Leaf Sprig charm
1 Fluttering Wings Butterfly charm
2 Squared Bead Caps (7 mm)
1 large brass hoop (Confession: this is Vintaj but I don't know where I bought it!)
1 brass-toned headpin
1 round Swarovski in Peridot (8 mm)
1 length of brass-toned chain (28 inches long)
3 brass-toned jump rings (7.25 mm, 16 gauge)
 1 brass-toned lobster clasp
2 small brass-toned jump rings

Jeweler's pliers (one or two pairs, depending on your preference)
Flush cutters


1.  Open one of the larger jump rings by clasping it in the pliers with one hand and holding it firmly between your thumb and index finger of your other hand (or another pair of pliers). Gently twist the pliers away from you and the jump ring should open.

2.  Add your butterfly charm and then add the jump ring to the large hoop. Close the jump ring using the opposite twisting motion.
3.  Add your leaf charm the same way.
4. Now you'll make your crystal dangle! Add a bead cap to your headpin so that it opens upwards then follow it with the Swarovski and then your other bead cap that points downward.


5.  With the tips of your pliers, make a 90 degree bend in the headpin just above the last bead cap.

3.  Trim the headpin so it is just under 1/2 an inch long.

4.  Now you'll make your loop. Line the very end of the headpin up with the mark on your pliers. Make sure the mark is facing up and clamp the pliers around the end of the headpin—hold the rest of the wire tightly with your other hand. Hold the pliers tightly and "roll" them toward you to make a loop. You will notice that you can only roll them so far before you have to stop. Readjust your hands on the pliers and make sure the pliers are snug in the loop you've started.  Finish rolling the pliers toward you.

  6.   Now you'll add your dangle to the large hoop. Slightly open the last large jump ring and slide on your dangle loop then add it to your hoop. Close the jump ring.
Once I saw how this looked, it seemed too busy to me so I removed the leaf charm. I used the now empty jump ring to be the bail of this pendant.

7.  Slide your chain through this jump ring.

8.  Now you're in the home stretch where you'll add your lobster clasp. Open the two smaller jump rings. Slide one on to the last link of one end of the chain. Before you close it, check to see which side it is when your butterfly charm faces front. I'm right-handed so if it is on the right side, I will add my lobster clasp and then close the jump ring. Then I'll add just a jump ring to last link on the other end of the chain and close it.

There you have it! One charming little necklace.

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