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Maker's Monday: Witches Dance

A while back, I was given some unwanted laminate samples and I took them, not knowing what I'd make with them. They were in my junk bin and when I was purging items this summer, they made it to a zipper bag for the "free pile" of our upcoming yard sale.

The other day, I thought "Hey, use them to make a more durable tag!" So this little taglet was born. In total, I made seven different ones and had six larger tags left. This tag is inspired by the taglet.

New project on left, inspiration taglet on right

Inspiration taglet

1 laminate sample or paper tag
Tim Holtz Ancestors Paper Doll: Witches
Tim Holtz Botanical Tissue Paper
Distress Collage Medium (matte)
Tim Holtz Clippings and Big Chat stickers
Distress Crayons: Twisted Citron, Picket Fence, Squeezed Lemonade, Tumbled Glass
Distress Ink: Black Soot, Aged Mahogany
Distress Marker: Black Soot
Glossy Accents
Tim Holtz Baroque Frame (rusted with Sophisticated Finishes)
Tim Holtz Crossbones (cut the bones from the skull and rust with Sophisticate Finishes)
Tim Holtz Halloween Stash paper
Tim Holtz Black Tinsel Twine
Black Twine

Most of the goods you'll need
Tim Holtz Blending Tool and pad
Medium paint brush

1. I added a very thin layer of Collage Medium to the non-laminated side of the tag with my finger. Once the surface was covered, I lay down a section of the Tissue Paper and smoothed out air bubbles.
Smoothed out air bubbles from the tissue paper

2. With the Collage Medium still wet, I gently tore away the excess paper. I used thin scissors to poke out the center hole and left it to dry.

Tear slowly against the edge not away to get a nice ragged edge
3. While it dried, I edged the witches in Distress Marker, using the brush side to get into the small nooks and crannies.

4. With the tag dry, I scribbled on Picket Fence and Squeezed Lemonade on the edges and blended them with my finger. Next I scribbled on the Twisted Citron and added a small center of Tumbled Glass. Those two were blended together as well and feathered into the Twisted Citron.

Scribbles are a technical term

Blend it all nicely then wash your green fingers
5. I added a bit of Glossy Accents to the back of the witches and set them on the tag.

The witches look good with the green background
6. It took quiet a while to figure out what phrase(s) I wanted to include on this tag. I added the lines to the plastic packaging of the stickers so I could remove them without ripping them off.

twelve o'clock   magic   time   Witches dance   possessed

The phrase that pays
7. In my junk bin, I have a small vintage box with new metal pieces I have rusted. The Baroque Frame was ready to go, as was the skull. If you want to copy this, you can use Sophisticated Finishes Iron Rust kit and dry brush white gesso over the high points. I used my jewelry snips to cut off the bones from the skull prior to rusting it. I used Glossy Accents to glue the skull to the frame.
The skull is perfect for the frame and the frame is perfect for the stickers

8. In the Tim Holtz Halloween paper stash, there is a sheet of beige paper that has a darker walnut stained edge. I used a scrap of that paper and added Distress Ink Aged Mahogany. I dabbed Black Soot over the stickers and then glued them onto the colored paper with Glossy Accents. I added a layer of Collage Medium over it all, but I think my ink was still wet because I started to get a red smear over the stickers. I moist paper towel took care of that issue.

Just a light layer of Aged Mahogany

That deep Mahogany really goes well with the frame

The excess Mahogany cleaned up well

Looking back, I should have put the Medium over the stickers first, then a layer over the paper and then over them combined. That's how we learn though!

9. For the Aged Mahogany to make sense on this piece, I edged it with the blending tool and then added some Black Soot to the edges as well.
Edged in Aged Mahogany
Black Soot finishes it all off

10. I cut a length of the Tinsel Twine and two lengths of plain black twine to make the hanger.
Finished project

I still have to add a layer of Collage Medium over the whole tag, but wanted to share the piece before Maker's Monday got away from me.

This project could easily be translated to a paper tag or an Etcetera tag. To glue all the pieces, you could try using only the Collage Medium, but I haven't had good luck with that so I stick with my BFF, Glossy Accents.


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