Monday, June 13, 2016

Maker's Monday: Indian Pink Earrings

Happy Maker's Monday! Today’s project is a pair of sterling silver and Swarovski crystal earrings with a simple loop cold connection. If you don’t want to use sterling or Swarovski crystals, you may make substitutions. I've linked supplies to where I have purchased them but you may buy them elsewhere.

2 fishhook ear wires
2 8mm round Swarovski crystals in Indian Pink
2 sterling silver headpins
4 3mm (4mm works too) round sterling silver beads

Jeweler's pliers (one or two pairs, depending on your preference)
Flush cutters

1.  Slide the beads in the following order onto your headpins:  
sterling silver – Swarovski – sterling silver

2.  Take the very tips of the pliers and clamp them around the headpin, just above the last bead.  Hold the pliers tight and push the end of the headpin away from you so that it makes a 90-degree bend in the headpin.  Pull the pliers out of the bend. Repeat for the second headpin.

3.  Line up the tips of the headpin "tails" against a flat surface, I use the squared-off side of my pliers. Trim the “tails” of the headpins so they are slightly less than half an inch long.

4.  I make a mark on my pliers so that when I make loops Make sure the mark is facing up and clamp the pliers around the end of the headpin—hold the beaded part tightly with your other hand.  Line the headpin up on that mark and make sure the pliers are at the very end of the headpin.  Hold the pliers tightly and "roll" them toward you to make a loop.  You will notice that you can only roll them so far before you have to stop.  Readjust your hands on the pliers and make sure the pliers are snug in the loop you've started.  Finish rolling the pliers toward you.

5.  Remove the pliers from the loop and check that the loop is completely closed.  If it is lop-sided, you can bend the headpin CAREFULLY.  Repeat these steps for the second headpin.

6.  Open the ring of your fish hook earwire by clasping it in the pliers with one hand and holding it firmly between your thumb and index finger of your other hand. Gently twist the pliers away from you and the ring should open.  Slide the loop of your headpin onto the ring and then close the ring by gently twisting the pliers toward you.  Repeat these steps for the second earring. 

I hope this sweet pair of pink earrings gets your creativity sparking! There’s a million different variations of this simple pair of earrings. When making substitutions, keep in mind the diameter of your headpins and the openings of your bead choices. What color would you like to make these earrings in?

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