Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weird Dreams

Sometimes if I eat weird combinations of foods for dinner, I have really strange, sometimes terrifying dreams. Dinner last night was an odd combination (my shame prohibits me from admitting what I ate here) and the dreams didn't disappoint.

First, I dreamed that I was an event planner and for table decorations for a spring wedding...I made little bride and groom Peeps. I used white chocolate to paint a dress on the Bride Peep and tinted the Groom Peep's chocolate tux a dark gray. There was a lot of edible glitter on the little candy plates I made and small edible flowers for the Bride Peep's bouquet. I never got to her veil. Oh, and the bride initially wanted a squirrel skin be at each table because she wanted to honor spring and nature. And she flopped a squirrel skin onto the table just so. I gave her an option of maybe a pine cone hedgehog bride and groom, the Peeps, or stuffed animal bride and grooms. Really had to talk up the Peeps to get her to give up the squirrel skin.

In the other dream that I can remember, I was with a group of people walking along a rocky outcrop which reached down to the sea. As we descended to the water, the rock began to be replaced with a sheet of ice. People walked along the ice, but I was too afraid. I didn't want the ice to break and for us all to drown. My hubby coaxed me onto the ice and sure enough, it began to crack and melt and the block below me lurched, pitching me into frozen water. I fought to keep my head up and closed my eyes. An eerie light came my hands and as I grabbed my hubby's hand we were pulled by some force closer to shore. I grabbed someone else with my other hand and they grabbed another person's hand and so on until we all were safe on the shore.

And then I woke up to our cat Elfie yowling in my ear. Today I'm exhausted from crafting in my sleep and saving countless people from a watery death. Maybe by lunch time I'll be coherent enough to work on a story instead of rambling here on the blog...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Seeking a Good Home

I have quite a few stories that don't seem to fit in anywhere. They're kind of like me: dark, but sweet...gorey, but funny...punk, but classic country... Never fitting in with one group of people. Anyway, there has to be somewhere that my misfits can call home so I subbed one this morning. With the subbing comes the waiting and well, we know how well I am with that part. (cue the GERD)

Now that the story is out in the world, it is time to finish another piece. I'll need to channel the spirit of NaNoWriMo and just write this sucker without taking time to over-think each word and character. That's the only way I'll be able to get any farther.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Day at the Beach

Sunday was to have been a day of local junking but the hubby surprised me by suggesting we head over to an antique shop in Michigan City. We hit the road and arrived well before the shop's noon opening time so we ventured farther up into Michigan itself through a time zone and stopped at my favorite winery for a quick sample (for me) of their ice wine. With more time to kill, we went to St. Joseph.

I have been in Lake Michigan during the summer with its waves hushing and roaring (on windy days) and felt the electric coolness of the air. It is one of my favorite places to be.

Sunday was quiet. The lake was frozen still and huge sand dunes blocked most of the water from our view. The only sounds to be heard were the laughter of the gulls, the crinkling of the ice along the shore, and the babble of a hidden stream of melt water. It made me want to never leave.

In a few months time when we return there will be no ice and the dunes will have receded back into the lake or be blown farther along the coastline. The water will be warm and the sand hot beneath our feet. Gulls will ransack our temporary beach claim and we'll return home exhausted, sunburned, and we'll fall asleep still feeling our bodies jostled by the waves.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sad Days

Today is the anniversary of my dad's death. It felt like the scars of that loss were finally starting to heal over with a new, pinkish skin, but I was wrong. A friend's mom died last week as did a  beloved coworker and I can't seem to get the last image of my dad out of my head now. So many thoughts are going through my mind lately and I'm reevaluating a lot of things.

Life is short.

Time just keeps taking what it wants when it wants it.

I want to enjoy the time I get.

That's pretty much it.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Witch's Toe

The last few months, my arthritic toe, aka "The Witch's Toe" has been groaning to me about weather changes. From the moment I slither out of bed in the morning to the time I burrow in for the night, it zings and screams and throbs.

I've got a pretty high pain tolerance, but this winter I've just become a real Whiny Whinerson. I haven't been to the gym in months and even walking the lower level at work has been a chore. That combination coupled with poor eating habits equals Bad News.

Today I woke pain-free. I've gone half a day with no pain, no throbbing, and no zinging. Maybe this means the weather is changing yet again. Perhaps...Spring will be here soon? If only The Witch's Toe could give me the winning lottery numbers. I'd deck it out in gold as a thank you and treat it to weekly massages and pedicures and ensure it never got stubbed again.

Alas, I'll just dust off my walking shoes and maybe buy a nice toe ring