Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weird Dreams

Sometimes if I eat weird combinations of foods for dinner, I have really strange, sometimes terrifying dreams. Dinner last night was an odd combination (my shame prohibits me from admitting what I ate here) and the dreams didn't disappoint.

First, I dreamed that I was an event planner and for table decorations for a spring wedding...I made little bride and groom Peeps. I used white chocolate to paint a dress on the Bride Peep and tinted the Groom Peep's chocolate tux a dark gray. There was a lot of edible glitter on the little candy plates I made and small edible flowers for the Bride Peep's bouquet. I never got to her veil. Oh, and the bride initially wanted a squirrel skin be at each table because she wanted to honor spring and nature. And she flopped a squirrel skin onto the table just so. I gave her an option of maybe a pine cone hedgehog bride and groom, the Peeps, or stuffed animal bride and grooms. Really had to talk up the Peeps to get her to give up the squirrel skin.

In the other dream that I can remember, I was with a group of people walking along a rocky outcrop which reached down to the sea. As we descended to the water, the rock began to be replaced with a sheet of ice. People walked along the ice, but I was too afraid. I didn't want the ice to break and for us all to drown. My hubby coaxed me onto the ice and sure enough, it began to crack and melt and the block below me lurched, pitching me into frozen water. I fought to keep my head up and closed my eyes. An eerie light came my hands and as I grabbed my hubby's hand we were pulled by some force closer to shore. I grabbed someone else with my other hand and they grabbed another person's hand and so on until we all were safe on the shore.

And then I woke up to our cat Elfie yowling in my ear. Today I'm exhausted from crafting in my sleep and saving countless people from a watery death. Maybe by lunch time I'll be coherent enough to work on a story instead of rambling here on the blog...

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