Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Day at the Beach

Sunday was to have been a day of local junking but the hubby surprised me by suggesting we head over to an antique shop in Michigan City. We hit the road and arrived well before the shop's noon opening time so we ventured farther up into Michigan itself through a time zone and stopped at my favorite winery for a quick sample (for me) of their ice wine. With more time to kill, we went to St. Joseph.

I have been in Lake Michigan during the summer with its waves hushing and roaring (on windy days) and felt the electric coolness of the air. It is one of my favorite places to be.

Sunday was quiet. The lake was frozen still and huge sand dunes blocked most of the water from our view. The only sounds to be heard were the laughter of the gulls, the crinkling of the ice along the shore, and the babble of a hidden stream of melt water. It made me want to never leave.

In a few months time when we return there will be no ice and the dunes will have receded back into the lake or be blown farther along the coastline. The water will be warm and the sand hot beneath our feet. Gulls will ransack our temporary beach claim and we'll return home exhausted, sunburned, and we'll fall asleep still feeling our bodies jostled by the waves.

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