Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Witch's Toe

The last few months, my arthritic toe, aka "The Witch's Toe" has been groaning to me about weather changes. From the moment I slither out of bed in the morning to the time I burrow in for the night, it zings and screams and throbs.

I've got a pretty high pain tolerance, but this winter I've just become a real Whiny Whinerson. I haven't been to the gym in months and even walking the lower level at work has been a chore. That combination coupled with poor eating habits equals Bad News.

Today I woke pain-free. I've gone half a day with no pain, no throbbing, and no zinging. Maybe this means the weather is changing yet again. Perhaps...Spring will be here soon? If only The Witch's Toe could give me the winning lottery numbers. I'd deck it out in gold as a thank you and treat it to weekly massages and pedicures and ensure it never got stubbed again.

Alas, I'll just dust off my walking shoes and maybe buy a nice toe ring

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