Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hi there!  So much is going on right now, it is hard to get a moment to be calm and puke the words out.  Let's see...what to share....

First, I've begun a new diet plan which is amazing me every single day.  I was a huge fan of the Fat Smash, but this is better and (surprise) it is from the same person--Dr. Ian Smith.  I've lost 3 pounds in 7 days and feel amazing.  I started the 2nd week on Tuesday and I'm still going strong with a only one slight "oopsie, did I shove that into my gaping maw" incident with cookies.  Oh, there were cookies everywhere I went on Tuesday...bad day.

Second, the haiku horror story is nearing completion and I've been scraping some of the weirder images out of my brain right into this book.  I just hope others find them as weird and creepy as I do at 3:33am when I wake up and get freaked out.

Third, I'm back to 8 hour days and working on Fridays so my habits/routines are all squinched up.  I don't like that feeling so this weekend I shall work on unsquinching and getting back on task. 

Fourth, Halloween is drawing closer!  Looks like we're taking another trip to Hell, Michigan and I'm excited to hit the haunted houses and soak in all the kitch.  Loves me the kitch!

And now, this sick little girl is going to go to bed and hope whatever this illness I have doesn't turn into something uglier. 

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