Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spiders and Contracts and Books...Oh My!

I haven't been blogging because I've been writing, working out like a crazed woman, and trying my best to get done with my haiku horror story book.  I'd like it to be out before Halloween, so I need to get in gear. 

One thing I'm figuring out is making a contract for my artist.  We agreed on terms and I'm so very, very excited!  Now for the nitty-gritty paperwork...

While on vacation this past weekend, I discovered a very unsettling thing.  On our last morning, I saw a piece of something floating past my head.  I watched it and noticed that it wasn't falling or being blown by the wind, but actually moving.  As I stepped close to it, the sunlight reflected off a long, dangling filament of web.  I looked up and saw the spider and by god, it wiggled the piece of whatever was on the filament.  Was the spider fishing?  If so, what for? 

Whatever it is, I don't want to know and I'll never camp at that particular spot again.

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