Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Happened to April and Most of May

Well, I've finally taken a moment to get back to the blog, so here I am.  Not much has changed in my absence--I'm still struggling with the slimming down and still pouring my soul onto paper (or keyboards).  I think those are two constants in my life.  Anywho...

I was one of the lucky winners from the EHAG giveaway and I have the CUTEST Halloween plaque and then I won a copy of Flush Fiction, thanks to William Todd R.D. Wood! This is the luckiest I've been in quite some time. 

When I wasn't "getting lucky" this month, I've been reading.  A lot.  Way more than I probably should have been, but it was good.  I finished Suzanne Robb's "Z-Boat" as well as Richard Marsden's "Traveling Tyrant Casual Fridays" and I slapped up a couple of reviews for them on Amazon.  Eventually, I will add them here.  It wasn't all fun zombie and science fiction, no, it was reading a first-hand account of Coronado's travels and learning about Hungarian churches in the 1300s.  Oh, and a lot about Hungarian peasant costumes and gypsies.  Yes, that's a mixed bag of weird, but believe me, it all comes together.  At least in my brain it does.

Researching and world-building is fun for me, lets me release my inner history geek.  She's crazy (or as my nephew says 'cray') and is getting out of control.  Soon she'll be checking books out without me even knowing it.  I fear her.  She cray.

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