Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Think Our Truck is Possessed...

You may recall back in February I slammed the truck door on my right index finger resulting in a broken, disgusting-looking finger.  Well, today my husband fell victim to the driver's door slamming on his right index finger.  It isn't broken, but he said some rather...spicy things and I laughed.  (after asking if he was okay)  See, he has made fun of me and my boo-boo (aka Cobra) finger for over 3 months so now, it is my turn.

It makes me wonder though, is it just that we're both clumsy or does the truck really have it out for us?  Did it not like going to our particular hometown?  (my accident happened in that town and his happened when we were getting gas to go to that town)  Either way, we got a laugh from the gals at the bagel shop when we shared our tale and even got to have the owner regale us with her story of getting pooped on by a bird yesterday.  How that figures into slamming your finger in a door, I don't know...but it made us laugh. 

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