Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It Lives!!! (mostly)

Well, I did not die over the weekend, though it sure felt like it on Friday...  I'm now convinced I've been having gallbladder attacks and decided to take steps to ensure that they are fewer.  (aka cutting out that damned FAT from my diet)  Seems like everytime I had an attack was after eating something with fat in it (grilled cream...pasta w/ olive oil and parm...) so I'm trying to cut as much fat from food as I can.  It actually coincides well with jumping back into The Slimming project.

Last night I spent two hours working on a very old story that might just see print in the future.  It was neat to re-read it and try to weave in the editor's suggestions.  I think it totally works and am excited for him to read it.  Hopefully I will complete it tonight and send it his way.

Another project has been weaseling its way into my head and I fear all other projects will be pushed aside until this little boy's story can be told.  It breaks my heart and I just need to get it out.  Funny how stories are like parasites feeding off a writer's soul until they take what they want and leave.  Or die.  Now THAT's a lovely thought...


  1. "They feed off your soul and then leave..." yep. And we all keep letting them do that don't we? We keep doing it...and loving it!