Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in Black

Turns out my "booboo finger" is actually broken and the nail is turning a lovely blackish hue.  I always have loved black...

Even with a busted finger I've been trying to keep busy with reading and writing and submitting.  Black Corners of a Blood Red Room by Patrick Rutigliano is well worth the buy and I'll be working on a proper review to post on Amazon soon.  When I'm done with Autumn by David Moody I think I'll skip genres to true crime.  Too much horror makes Carey go something-something...  On the writing front, I sent a flash zombie piece to Pill Hill and it will appear in Daily Frights 2013.  Now I need to submit just 9 more stories to different places to meet my 2012 goal.  Oh yeah!

Lately I've been having more and more Halloween dreams and think my brain is telling me to start making goodies.  The ideas are there, I just can't make anything out of clay or paper pulp until this finger stops hurting.  Ah well.  At least the ideas are there.

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