Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TOC News and Trying to Do Good

The table of contents, or TOC as the fancy people call it, for the anthology The Zombist has been posted and my story is second, right behind Eric S. Brown! This is such a "wow!" moment!

In other news....

After reflecting last night about how last year I was such a scared mess, I decided to write about it. Right about the moment I typed the phrase "consistent with ovarian carcinoma" the tears started to fall. I kind of hope that once I finish this tale, I might send it around to different women's magazines to see if they would run it. My tumors were not cancer, but the signs and symptoms I had are the warning signs for it. If more women are aware of what symptoms are indicative of ovarian cancer, they might ask their doctors to run lots of tests to see if that is what they have. Maybe some people can detect it early. Maybe...some people's lives might be saved.

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