Thursday, December 17, 2009

Everything But Writing

I'm hopped up on sugar and the deliciousness of rum balls and my writer brain can't get itself together so today I've been surfing and goofing. Goody goody.

The editor of Through the Eyes of the Undead sent me back my edits and I caught something we both missed so hooray for that. I'm very very very excited by this! Each step in this biz that is publishing is so amazing to me. From the moment when I take a deep breath and hit the send button to the hours-days-weeks-months it takes to hear back if they like what I sent to the edits and contracts and waiting until a real book is all magic.

And I'm learning lots of things NOT to do as an author. As much as a negative review will probably gut me, I will not respond. I will not have a public meltdown. I will either A) ignore all reviews on Amazon and elsewhere or B) try to learn from any constructive criticism that floats my way or C) cry myself to sleep each night. Maybe D) all of the above, but with a large glass of wine.

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