Wednesday, November 1, 2017

31 Tags of Halloween: Tag 31

My hands didn't bleed today but boy are they still dry and angry. More lotion is on the menu tonight.

This tag turned out so cool! There were many, many "oopsie" moments, as always, but I'm happy with it!

Supplies used include Tim Holtz Halloween paper stash and ephemera, brads, and stars. I used Distress Ink in Carved Pumpkin, Walnut Stain, and Black Soot and my Distress Marker in Black Soot too. Glossy Accents was my glue of choice and I typed up all of the text and images and printed them out on regular printer paper. There was one piece of Tim Holtz Collector Layers I used because the paper was a nice heft.

First, I traced and cut out my tag.

I flipped the Collector Layers piece over and traced out my pencil cup because the circle is wider than my tag. This is going to be my spinner piece. I cut it out and sectioned it out into eight wedges. I cut out the printed images and glued them to my spinner and then added Walnut Stain ink then used a thumb tack to make a hole in the center. I cut a strip of paper to secure the brad to as a base for gluing. (this will enable the circle to spin) After dry fitting it onto my tag, I realized I glued the images up too high and they were visible on the spinning edge. Sad face!

I grabbed the scrap of striped paper and traced a circle onto the backside of it and cut it out. Next I folded the circle in half then then rotated the paper and folded it in half again. I repeated until I had eight wedges. I used a pen to mark the lines.

I removed the original spinner from the paper and glued it to my new polka dotted circle. Once the glue dried, I poked a hole in the center and added the strip of paper to the back. I added Glossy Accents all around the back of that paper strip, leaving a circle clear around the brad and then placed it onto the tag.

I dry fitted the top tag over the see where I needed to add my printed images. Satisfied that they were well-hidden, I glued them in place with Glossy Accents. Once it was dry, I added Carved Pumpkin and then Black Soot inks. I also edged the original tag, the spinner, and the striped tag with Black Soot ink.

Now I had to figure out how to make the viewing flap. I dry fitted the striped tag and made a slight bend in the paper from the bottom to where one of the printed images could be seen. I spun the wheel to make sure each image could be seen and then made two lines as my width guide.

I used a pen knife to cut on the bend between the lines and then cut two lines up toward the hole end of the tag. I lifted the flap to reveal the image. Happy, I edged the cut sides with the Black Soot Marker.

I added Glossy Accents to my original tag above and below the spinner and then put the striped paper on top. While it dried, I cut out my text. For the Fortune Wheel, I glued it to a tag shape from the Halloween stash and added Black Soot and Walnut Stain all over it. I added the same ink combo to the other two text pieces and just Walnut Stain for the hand ephemera. I glued them in place and then added Walnut Stain over the entire tag.

A bit of orange jute finished off the tag. I added the star with Glossy Accents to balance out the tag.

I'll have a video of the spinner in action on my Carey Bee Crafts Facebook page. Hope you enjoyed this tag and want to steal the inspiration. It sure will be weird not lugging a bag of craft supplies with me to work and crafting in the dark before work starts...I'll be able to take a real lunch break too. Whatever will I do with myself??? Plan for next Halloween, of course!

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