Thursday, June 29, 2017

Baby Steps, But I'm Back!

Oh my goodness, I've been such a bad blogger! My toenail has recovered and is almost completely grown back since my first procedure in September. There were growing pains for sure and it is still tender and the tip of the nail is all jagged-looking but soon, I should be able to trim it and it will look like a normal nail again.

I did have a titanium stent inserted into my ankle (in the talotarsal sinus, specifically) to correct my dislocations. I had some issues that weren't very major and now that I look back, I know what I should and shouldn't do when I have my left ankle done.

It is amazing that I have not had the old pain in my "Witch's Toe" for quite some time. That pain became constant before my first surgery and I thought it would always be that way.

 One weird thing is that I really had to force myself not to walk on the outside of my foot. Sometimes I catch myself standing and notice the weight bears on the outside and I have to mentally force my foot in a "normal" position. I almost wonder if that had a lot to do with my big toenail still recovering as I was starting to walk after the last surgery.  Regarding shoes, I've had to get rid of anything with a heel but I can wear flip flops, just not for extended periods or for walking great distances. I've got some supportive sandals and nice loafers that seem to really help and I think as my ankle gets stronger, I should be able to wear short heels again.

I would get tingling sensations in that ankle right as I was going to sleep, most likely nerves waking up, but that hasn't happened in over a month now. I do have to be careful when I sleep though. If I don't have good support of my right ankle (direct contact with the mattress or my left leg), it twitches and is a very painful wake-up call.

All-in-all, I think it was a good decision to have the surgery and I can see I have an arch in that foot now and my toes look straighter. Even the hubby has noticed!

I've been updating my Etsy shop with lots of wonderful jewelry pieces and have even gotten back into writing. I've started Haiku Horror Stories II and hope to finish that before October.

I took a tumble down our basement stairs at the beginning of May and bruised myself up really badly, but I didn't hurt my ankle or do serious damage to myself. This prompted my family to swoop in to get supplies so we can get to work on that bathroom (yep, it still isn't done) but very soon we'll catch a break to get going and finish the damn thing!

Sad news, our cat Zoey is very ill. We're fairly certain she has nasal tumors (cancer) and we need to make that Big Decision and we're completely heart broken. She's about 14 years old, so she's lived a good, long life, but that doesn't make it any easier.

Whew! There's a lot more that happened since October, but I'll save some stories for future blogs. I'm looking forward to getting back on a schedule with some new projects and stories to share. 

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