Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A sentimental post on a dreary October afternoon

Earlier this morning, a roar of thunder shook my office and I got to thinking of all the times it rained on Halloween when I was growing up. Many years, it kept us home. Back then, it was the end of the world but looking back as an adult, I have to give my mom credit for carting six kids into town in the station wagon to let them run slightly amok with the other trick-or-treaters.

The weather report says we're due for temps in the high seventies on Halloween and I hope its true. I love seeing the kiddos come up to the house, even though I usually turn candy duty over to the hubby. (he's truly a kid at heart)

Halloween is more special to me than any other holiday. Its a night where you welcome a total stranger to your door. To me it isn't always the scare or the costume or the candy. I know the origins of the holiday and what it evolved into in the US. For me, its neighbors being neighborly. Its sharing your bounty. Its a sense of trust and goodness. Its a childlike sense of wonder.

I know, I know. There are some bad elements out there that try to spoil the holiday. There's even talk of trick-or-treating becoming a thing of the past. Traditions evolve over time, but I truly hope trick-or-treating remains a staple of Halloween.

I'm going to do my part this year, as always, to keep the spirit alive. Our porch light will be on. Our pumpkins will be out. We'll give out the good candy. We'll dress up. We'll keep our light on later than the official hours if we still have candy. We'll give your kids something to remember on a dreary October afternoon when they're in their forties. 

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