Wednesday, July 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday: His and Hers

This is a stormy WIP Wednesday here in Illinois! Anyone else out there have a problem with starting new projects when others aren't quite finished? *raises hand, stares out into The Void* Okay then, just me. Well, when I was on vacation, I sketched out a few project ideas and began pulling items together for them. Not sure if they'll be a set or separate pieces but for now, I'm just calling them His and Hers.
His and Hers assemblage basic concept

I found the wooden drawers at one of my favorite antique shops and had to clean them up because they were pretty filthy. Next step for them is to add a layer of crackle paint and a wash of color.
Nothing worse than dirty drawers

The photos are part of my Other People's Family photos collection. I peeled them from the heavy cardboard backings and carefully ripped them down to size. I'll add a bit of stain to them and grunge them up a bit then add them to the boxes.
What is he hiding behind his back???
I was picking through my embellishments and weird pieces of junk and thought these Tim Holtz pieces might work, especially after I rust them up and add some highlights with paint. I'll snap off the ring on the spider too.
I love metal embellishments!
The rest of this week I'm going to be taking a break from crafting to focus on something else which may or may not involve me being brave and a jet boat. Until then, what are you working on?  

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