Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A different kind of storytelling

I've been working on a lot of big projects for work and when I get "me" time I feel like a zombie and the words just don't want to flow like they used to. I'm sure it'll all get groovy again for me, but in the meantime, I've been crafting up a storm.

My house looks like a tag sale blew up in it and I think at last count I had four projects in various stages of completion.

The Changeling is waiting...
As I painted an altered frame today during my lunch break, I wasn't sure what it would be for. I knew I had a greenish-brown, mucky background, but that was it. My mind wandered and then I knew what it would be. And then I had an idea for one of the other projects I have started. Each one was its own story, its own pieces to form a whole.

The words haven't really left me, right now I'm just showing and not telling. In my nearly-done Vlad Tepes piece, the Changeling piece that is screaming to have a chance, my Dapper Devil statue, and this latest idea, I'm telling stories and sharing legends.

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