Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey blog, I'm back!

Well, last we spoke, I was taking all of July off to get stuff done and I'm pretty proud of how well I did.  Yes, Facebook lured me back as did Twitter, but I wasn't spending every waking moment posting or scrolling, so hey, that's progress.  Several of my "must-do" items did get completed and I've begun one that's been lingering for years on a shelf...the dreaded pile of story ideas scrawled on a napkin, the first page of a genius story that has been abandoned to time and forgetfulness, handwritten stories complete but in need of a red pen.  Who knew I had so much backlog?  (and that so much of that backlog was utter crap?)

July was a sad, strange, entertaining month.  I lost a couple family members, discovered strange health issues, and I ended the month going full Indiana Jones into the dense woods and not finding a lost military fort, but a mess of poison ivy.  *cue the violins*  And now in August, I sit with steroid-induced "moon face," restless brain, and an insatiable appetite.  Next time I decide to relive dreams of discovery, I'll wear a hazmat suit and spray the entire area with weed killer beforehand.  

The hubby and I took a weekend trip to Michigan to enjoy the beach and blueberries.  In addition to the sunburn my poison ivy got, I was nearly taken out by a 9 foot wave.  I'm not a strong swimmer, nay, barely a swimmer at all, so to experience any type of wave in open water was horrific.  I survived, gasped and sputtered on lake water, but it was fun and a bit exhilarating.  So yay, I was brave and I can't wait to do it again.  Maybe next year I'll try boogie boarding. 

Right now I'm trying to slow my brain down enough to hammer out a rewrite to a short I subbed.  Kind reader comments have got me feeling great, but terrified that I might screw the entire thing up.  But, I'm brave, so I will shamble on. 

So that's what's been going on while I've been silent.  What's in store for the rest of August?  An interview, a free story for you, a lot of writing, and some silliness.  It is good to be home!

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