Friday, October 5, 2012

Stomach Virus Diaries

Ah, to the person that passed the Stomach Virus to me, I thank you.  I was upset about gaining that half pound last week but after having severe diarrhea and not being able to keep fluids down (thus getting dangerously dehydrated), I think I've lost that half pound AND MORE! 

The chills, fever, and general body aches made me appreciate sick days so that I could lay in one spot all day in my own sweat and misery while I hallucinated.  The headache?  Oh, that just gave me a reason not to think.  (as did the lightheadedness)

But the sudden, violent nosebleed this morning?  Oh, that was the BEST part.  What horror writer doesn't like blood, especially when it cascades from your own face to be cupped into your hands?  That gave me divine inspiration, so thank you!  Thank you for exposing me to your virus.  I think I already have a story worked out. 

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