Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Food Diary...Shut Up

Yes, I took up the Slimming Baton again (no, there isn't really a baton, but I should make one) and have written down everything I've been eating.  Today as I ask the eternal question of "Do I want my anniversary meal to be a salad or spaghetti with garlic bread?" I really wish the Food Diary would mind its own business.  At least for today.  By the way, I think I'll be getting the pasta...maybe dessert too. 

I have not picked up a pen other than to write out my to-do lists and Christmas cards and I'm okay with that.  Having failed at NaNo yet again, my brain is too fried to get back at the novel.  Mind you, I missed my goal by 13,000 so I did write quite a lot in November.  Next year's writing goals are set to paper and it looks like I'll be busy.  I can do it though, and if I don't, at least I tried.  Stay tuned to find out what those lofty goals are...

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