Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Quick Update

Summer is so hectic.  Between working 10 hour days, cleaning the house, and working out I barely have time to write or even read let alone update the blog.  Sorry blog. 

Anyway, the zombie anthology Chivalry is Dead is available for purchase and not only are the stories great, there's an introduction written by yours truly.  I've finished reading the anthology Horrorology and it is yet another fine book I'm proud to be published in.  I'm reading Alienology right now and am pretty impressed so far. 

I've got another poem coming out in Putrid Poetry & Sickening Sketches and from what I've seen, the book will be pretty amazing.  Despite a HUGE moment of self-doubt, I've finished my vampire tale and submitted it to the editor.  Fingers crossed that he likes it and that it is good enough for the book.  I've also finished a tale called "Once Upon an Autopsy" and will be submitting that either tonight or tomorrow. 

Oh, and somehow I've managed to lose 14.5 pounds.  Whew.  Busy summer.  Thank goodness there's a long weekend coming up.

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