Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cake Can't Fix a Bum Knee

Well, I survived the 5K and we had lots of fun despite my knee being angry with me the whole week leading up to the walk.  I can't wait until next year to do it all again, sans the knee injury.  Man, does it suck to get old!  I shouldn't have tried to self-medicate with cake.  Nope, shouldn't have done it.   It was delicious though.  Since I'm still limping today, I must conclude that cake is not the proper medical care. 

In the world of wording, I'm at the end of my deer tale and torn between two endings.  I think I shall just write both and see what happens from there.  Perhaps I'll pester a couple readers to see what they think...

I've got some cool news that I'm not sure I can share yet, but it involves an upcoming anthology, me, and a story.  Oooh...mysterious!  I'll post more when I can.  Until then, join me in awaiting the very near release of Alienology:  Tales from the Void.

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