Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping Track of My Babies

Time sure flies when you're busy writing.  You forget simple things like when you submitted a story and (sometimes) who you even sent it out to. 

A while back I created a simple Excel spreadsheet to track all of my stories with crazy details like when I subbed, if I got a reply email, if it was accepted/rejected/held and when, what the payment per word was, how much they paid me.  You get the idea.

Today I spent a few hours updating that spreadsheet and adding a few more columns and just looking at all the lovely colors (yellow means accepted and hot pink means awaiting a decision).  I'm pleased to say that out of 46 tales I've gotten the courage to submit, 20 of those were accepted and 4 are still awaiting a decision. 

So I've added a few more pink lines recently.  Yesterday I submitted "Death From Above" and "Being Neighborly" to two anthologies.  I'm doubly nervous because the second one is for a follow-up anthology where the editor really liked my story.  No pressure to meet expectations there.  Nope.  Not at all.   

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