Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Weather Condition That Shall Not Be Named

If you're anything like me, you're sick to death of people bitching about the snow and the blizzard so that is all the mention It will get here.

Well, I should update on that pesky writer's block. I've actually been a pretty busy girl lately and started a creepy little tale about sixth grade love. If I can make it 3,000 words long I know just the place to submit it to...

Valentine's Day is drawing near and I decided to create my own Valentines to give out to a few loved ones. I hope they turn out half as nice as I imagine them. (more often than not, they look like a five year old hacked at a sheet of paper and squirted glue all over it) Wish me luck!

Yesterday I sent off my final revisions for my story "Space Freaks" which will appear in Tales From the Void. Looks like 2011 is starting off in a good way.

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