Monday, March 31, 2014

What the If???

Hello, blogland, I've missed you. I'm writing to you from Day One of my week-long staycation/birthday retreat. So much has changed since my last post...I've been working in a marketing office and writing press releases all day, everyday...the hubby took a new job and we're still getting used to his nightshift schedule...

Being surrounded by awesome marketing ideas and solutions has given me a lot to think about: I'm awesome at promoting the ever loving heck out of long as it isn't my writing or crafting. I've always known this and have blogged about it in the past, but now I'm analyzing the why of it. Here's my thoughts on why I find it difficult:

  1. Putting yourself out on display is scary, scary stuff. Self-doubt is my perfume of choice and I've been wearing it a very long time.
  2. I could spend many hours and several dollars promoting my work...and nobody will still buy my books and/or jewelry.
  3. It just feels like hawking my wares to other writers sometimes. Admit it, if you're a writer and you're on Twitter you've probably thought this too. 
Hmm. I thought there would be more than three reasons. I know it feels like more than three. But, what if I get a bad review? But what if I pay for a website and nobody visits it...ever? What if I get on Etsy and buyers all want refunds? What if they just scroll on past me? What if they realize I'm not a "real" writer with an MFA and I don't know all the fancy terms the real writers do? What if someone actually wants to interview me? What if they never post the interview?

Smell that self-doubt...cloyingly sweet. So many what ifs. In honor of my big fat 40th birthday, my gift to myself is to turn the what ifs around.

What if I get a great review--or more than one? What if I sell out and have high reviews? What if they stop and look at that goofy thing I posted and share it? What if I realize that I am a real writer because I write things?

What if, what if, what if?